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Coffee Stains

“Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!” Quoting Macbeth has become a regular part of my tooth brushing routine. You see coffee stains teeth and I drink a lot of coffee.

That yellow-ish, brown colour often seen on old men walking down the street with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth has crept onto my enamel and I am less than pleased.

I probably consume about three coffees a day. I skull the first cup and the second then slowly sip the last. Out of these two common ways to enjoy a coffee, only one slows down the eventual stain.

Coffee is a chromogenic food, which means that over time it will stain teeth. Basically, the dark colour in coffee works itself into your teeth making it harder to work itself out.

This kind of surface stain requires more money for teeth whitening. In order to truly get rid of those nasty spots a professional is needed.

Tannins, chemical substances found in plants, are the cause of what makes coffee such a dark colour. These plant polyphenols (technical word for tannins) have been used to dye leather and all sorts of goods for centuries. It is no wonder that they will stain your teeth.

Polyphenols also cause dry mouth which interferes with natural saliva production leaving teeth more susceptible to decay.

Yellow teeth and decay! That morning long black is beginning to look like a downer. So how do you fix a wilted smile and not give up coffee?

There is the straw option as it will get the coffee from point A to B without any need to touch the teeth. However, you will look like a wanker and might as well drink everything else with your pinky finger pointing straight up.

The second more desirable option is to have a glass of water once your coffee drinking is complete. This will wash away all the little scientific words I mentioned above and slow down the staining process.

There is, however, another way. You can chug. Sipping espresso is the worst way to drink coffee when teeth are concerned, it’s like soaking them in dye. By pouring your latte down the hatch, you may avoid too much of a stain, but then again how are you ever going to enjoy your coffee?



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