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For Smokers Only

Hot coffee and thick clouds of smoke usually line the entrance of our little establishment, some of our customers love to get high off of nicotine and caffeine.

I notice most smokers go for the stonger beverages.  A long black, short macchiato or perhaps a strong latte seems to get them moving through the day even if they do have to stop in a few more times to maintain their buzz.

The heavy nicotine addicts frequent three to four times a day to sip and puff away giving truth to the ‘smoking break’ debate. But if everyone else in the office is going out for a coffee, why not have a smoke as well?

Smokers, both nicotine and caffeine make your body create dopamine. Combing the two means twice as much of this natural chemical gets put into your blood stream. It’s released from the brain producing a euphoric state every time you light up and ingest espresso.

So cigarettes and coffee together will make you more alert and relaxed, I think students call this efficiency. Sounds great, but before you light up and turn on your kettle there is a teeny tiny catch.

Nicotine actually cuts the amount of time caffeine gives you energy in half. Instead of the normal 3-4 hour latte high, it’s about 2 and the need to consume more coffee and smoke more cancer sticks increases. All your addicted senses want to do is go back to that dopamine induced stage of productivity.

The mixture of nicotine and caffeine makes breaks more necessary. As you sit there tapping at your desk waiting for someone, anyone to call a coffee break, you’re thinking of that cigarette, not the coffee.

Smoking and drinking coffee don’t go together because it counteracts the one thing coffee so magically does, keeps efficiency in the workplace and moral high. The dopamine from caffeine lasts much longer than that of a cigarette and makes your breath much more pleasant.

Give up the double dose of chemicals in the morning. It’ll not only save you a ton of money but it will also stop the 10 am twitches that cause you to grab a ‘coffee’ with the delivery man.



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