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From Booze to Bean

alcoholOh bah humbug! You’ve drunken too much and therefore overeaten, overspent and over-embellished your yearly accomplishments to your relatives. Merry Christmas you’re hung-over.

Good morning coffee? Not so fast,  there is a lot of flip-flopping on whether or not coffee is the cure for the suffering that follows a litre of eggnog.

Alcohol dehydrates as does caffeine so how can that be the solution to a side splitting headache? Yet there is water in coffee which hydrates, oh dear what to do?! And the cyclical morning thoughts continue.

Well the good thing about coffee is that it’s a vasoconstrictor, which means that it decreases the size of blood vessels. Whereas Alcohol makes them widen. Drinking coffee will make the jackhammers quiet down, giving a whole new meaning to the song ‘silent night’.

Of course like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic, so you’re not keeping much of the water in and it moves fast through the system. The headache will return and the stronger the coffee the faster you’re back to square one.

I can see you reaching for the pot as I type. This is fine, there are some benefits to consuming a cup of joe after you’ve scraped the sleep and makeup from your eyes.

Putting sugar in it will assist in replenishing electrolytes; it will also help your poor shriveled liver. Alcohol breaks down the sugar stores in the organ which is what makes you feel so weak and dizzy when recovering. Nevertheless that headache still awaits your struggling metabolism.

If you are completely sure that coffee will turn you back into a more energetic being, go for it, but leave the milk out. Dairy will only aggravate the tummy leaving you nauseas when trying to plow into a bunch of greasy food.



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