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Most people come in for a coffee at least twice a day. The heavy users come in about four times. Either they really enjoy the ambience in our little café or they have done some reading on antioxidants.

It’s all over the news, green tea this and coffee that, stop the evil oxidation process with one delicious 8 oz beverage.  CancerAlzheimer’sdiabetes and even certain strains of influenza can apparently all be managed with coffee.

According to a 2005 study, Americans get most of their antioxidants from consuming coffee. That’s rather amazing considering fruit, beans, nuts and vegetables are so high in these free radical fighting compounds. But what kinds of coffee are they talking about? And can you just eat coffee beans and get the same effect? Well yes, it just depends on the beans.

Robusta beans are roasted longer than Arabica beans, they are bitter to taste and therefore require more attention. However, Arabica beans are the most popular amongst connoisseurs as they take longer to grow giving them a more full-bodied taste. Arabica beans are used by most coffee companies, Robusta beans, typically used in instant brands, only make up 20% of the world’s coffee.

Since the roasting process dramatically increases antioxidant activity Robusta beans have a higher quantity. It doesn’t make them taste as good as Arabica beans but they do have more cancer combating agents. They are also darker than Arabica beans making them richer in antioxidants. Both will give you a healthy fix but the beans that taste worse are actually better for you.

Think of them as the broccoli left on the side of your plate, a little salt and you’re good to go, a little milk and sugar added to the Robusta and its flavour town.

Apparently 3-4 cups of coffee will get you over the recommended antioxidant intake level for the day. I guess my addicted customers are privy to the appropriate dosage and are leading the way to beating the flu. Just remember if you like your latte sweet four cups of sugar laden milk a day may have a heavy effect on your diet, like the Americans.



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