A World Cup of Coffee

There’s nothing like a cold beer and an intense game of soccer to whet the fever that has swept our sport loving nation.

With about 14 pubs and bars extending their liquor licences throughout Melbourne for the World Cup, there is a push to keep this boozy match made in heaven.

But with nocturnal hours and four o’clock alarm bells, it seems unusual to accompany them with such a downer of a drink. A few venues offered coffee as a way to combat the woes that go with a red card fail.

In Williamstown, the Steam Packet Hotel gave “die-hard supporters… a breakfast roll and coffee on arrival” to the past June 14th game. Fanatics started forming a line shortly after four in the morning and owner Scott Meager thought a full stomach and some caffeine was the best way to ward off an inebriated fine.

Belle Epoque in Brisbane served an “$8 coffee and croissant deal” during the first of the Socceroos quest for cup glory testing the waters for a sobriety trend.

Also in Queensland, La Dolce Vita Caffe will be “open 24/7 during the World Cup,” serving both uppers and downers but at least advertising different options for an early morning beverage.

On an international scope, Café Gauna in Buenos Aires had a different kind of brew in mind with the irregular hours of matches. “A good old-fashioned, English style drinking session was out of the question” at 8am and espresso was a more convenient option to have on tap.

LA Weekly in Los Angeles came out with a top ten of where to drink and barrack, naming a few great coffee distributors that televise games and serve hot steaming stimulants.

Most of us are on a different time frame and work throughout the week making it hard to indulge in alcohol with every game played. Coffee seems to be a more appropriate and still social alternative than a couple debilitating beers.

And with Wimbledon overlapping the World Cup hype. Try putting down the Pimm’s for a long black with your strawberries and cream, you may actually be able to make out the athlete’s face.

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