“I have heard this before and still don’t believe it to be true. So I am going to test it on myself, a hardcore coffee drinker.”

I got dressed up for coffee this morning. My hair was done, best boots were on and with my girlfriend in tow I went to have my very first strong soy latte.

Comments flew in early in the week letting me know the first one back would taste amazing. My local gave me one of the best coffees I have ever had and it took an intense amount of energy to not order another.

I went slow, first spoon feeding myself the froth then sipping lightly, it almost went cold. I was determined to take time with my indulgence; I didn’t want to waste it by slipping into the bad habit of chugging.

After about ten minutes, once my new ritual was completed I got the shakes. This has happened a handful of times throughout my espresso consuming life, it made me feel wired right away.

What followed was one of the most productive days I’ve had all week.

I shopped, cleaned the house, finished another assignment then went for a run. I tried to take a nap but there were so many thoughts coming in and out it was impossible to keep my eyes closed. I was so up today that that calm, unaffected person you met a few days ago seems like a blur.

I guess I am back to my multi-tasking ways as well, because I couldn’t seem to stay away from Facebook and Twitter.

Caffeine increases your serotonin levels and I felt that effect, I was generally happier once I had gotten my hit. I was dancing to music whilst I cleaned the house, nothing was a chore, I felt great.

I’m glad I re-configured my caffeine intake, because I didn’t actually know what it was doing to me. I have been proven wrong, I was just adding to my high with every sip that I took, never coming down and never going up, my ‘alertness’, I believe, was an illusion.

I won’t be drinking eight shots of espresso anymore, I am a reformed barista. Being more careful with my consumption will make me respect the bean even more and the effects it can delightfully bring.

I also have more of an appreciation for those who drink weak lattes and decaf. I sincerely apologize for rolling my eyes when you ordered; I now know how you feel.

1 Response to “Stimulated”

  1. 1 musketnuss June 13, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Thanks for reporting about this experiment! Was very interesting to read and I like the outcome – I mean understanding people drinking decaf. 😉

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