Unstimulated Day 6

“I don’t want to become a case study in some journal of psychiatry so I’m going to get a handle on this now.”

When I study I have a ritual. Actual study gets 30 minutes followed by five minutes on Facebook then a cigarette and coffee and back to the cycle.

I studied all day without social networking, a cigarette or hot drink interruption. This is monumental.

Focussing on a single job for more than an hour is something I thought I just wasn’t capable of or a symptom of the Attention Age. But I was wrong. I think I was just too wired to keep my thoughts on one thing.

Perhaps this mellow demeanour that I have been shunning is actually beneficial. I finished my assignment so that’s a plus for no caffeine. But I got tired and wanted a nap, downside to no caffeine.

Instead of sleeping, I did some searching into this and found Swedish blogger, Henrik Edberg, had given up caffeine for 30 days (something I am not willing to do). He said “I’m less prone to procrastination. I didn’t really notice it while I was drinking coffee but my mind seemed to wander off in all kinds of ways a lot of the time.”

My now one tract mind did seem more patient while researching and I certainly felt less stress but I could’ve used an energy boost in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I am having my first coffee. Trust me though, there will only be one. If there is anything I’ve learned this week it’s that I was consuming way too much caffeine and that I now hate herbal tea.

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