Unstimulated Day 4

“Wish me luck, I will update every evening to let you know how many customers I screamed at and conclude with a cup of coffee next Sunday, I already can’t wait.”

The cravings began today. I thought this out loud mission would give me enough strength throughout the week so I would turn my nose up at caffeine.

Nope. All I wanted was chocolate, coke and of course a strong soy latte. Oh man I miss it, I miss it badly.

I didn’t give in; instead I had five cups of chamomile tea and about three bottles of water. Guess I thought I could just wash the cravings out of me. Nope, STILL WANT A COFFEE.

I also worked all day and it seemed as though every customer was against me. I swear each time I took an order they scattered their change all over the counter. There were so many latte spills the mop needs a holiday and when packing up the outside furniture two people just sat there, talking, unaware that we were waiting for them to close.

“Uh… hello? All the tables and chairs are gone except for yours wanna move?” I imagined saying.

“Deeply sorry about our loitering and you’re doing such a good job, here’s 50 bucks.” I imagined them saying.

But I didn’t scream, yell or articulate a smart ass comment. I was pretty patient with all of them even though I was struggling internally. Irritated? I think so, but at least it’s manageable.

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