Unstimulated Day 3

“I rarely press snooze on my alarm clock. I literally cannot wait to get out of bed and have my first cup of coffee for the day.”

All I have been doing for the last three days is sleeping. It’s as if I have been deprived of it for the past nine years of drinking coffee. The snooze button is my newfound friend.

I have always been one of those nutcases that could never sleep in past 7, no matter what time I fell into bed. Now I have been taking three hour naps each afternoon and it is quite the puffy-eyed struggle to pry myself up after 8 more through the night.

Apparently, this is all part of the withdrawal process as “when you stop caffeine you allow your body to catch up on its lost rest. Using caffeine to force yourself into activity is like flogging an exhausted horse.”

So, at the moment I’m a flogged horse that can’t stop yawning. I’m still a little loopy but my concentration is getting better. I did, however, get a little irritable today.

It’s been rather cold lately so I went to buy a sweater. After the third shop full of bored retail workers, I got an over the top ‘hi, how’s your day going’? This peppy little fashionista must have been full of caffeine because her eagerness was unbearable. I said ‘fine’ and kept looking.

Then came the ‘is there anything I can help you with’ same amount of pep. I shot back a sharp ‘no’ and she retreated to her til. I felt bad but couldn’t be bothered explaining my current state; I was, after all, too tired.

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