Unstimulated Day 2

“Due to this epiphany I have decided to take all caffeine off my menu for the next seven days. This includes of course coffee, chocolate, soda, energy drinks and all teas except the herbal varieties.”

I worked for seven hours today. I made hundreds of coffees and watched nearly every customer sip, slurp and chug their creamy, caramel colored lattes.

And you know what? It really wasn’t that bad.

I had a bit of a migraine hangover when I arrived at work. It felt like I was walking through cobwebs wherever I went, I was dizzy and everything was blurry. But by 10 am, when the Melbourne sun finally made its appearance so did my new personality.

Still haven’t seen a bitchy side to all of this, which is interesting because I tend to be a moody barista which goes by the hour yet I have been extremely laid back for the past two days. Didn’t even get mad when a customer asked me to remake her drink even though SHE didn’t say skinny. Instead I smiled and frothed away.

Making coffee didn’t make me want coffee, I had my herbal tea, but what I really wanted was chocolate. I even jumped on my iPhone to see if there was caffeine in white chocolate since I had ruled it all out just in case. There isn’t.

So I’m going to sit back with my dream bar and cheers to the end of my headache-free day.

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