Black is Always in Fashion

Clover Coffee

Our slow Saturdays are often spent in a café, hovering over some sort of eggy dish whilst nursing a hangover in the company of equals. The conversations don’t differ, make fun of the boss, the creep on the tram and evaluate the quality of food and drink.

As our palettes refine from the abundance of fine food we are faced with a new challenge which will hopefully make those breakfasts last just that little bit longer.

The challenge, you say? Black-filtered coffee.

Even though black has always gone down well in Melbourne, this diluted, Septic version of espresso has got to have a lot going on before our European taste buds jump on board.

Lately syphons, clovers, cold drip coffee makers and pour overs have been taking up space on the coffee counter. They are the new tools for a completely different way to enjoy a morning cuppa.

Noticed the freshly sponged blackboards that border the walls in many cafés? They used to showcase food, but now house blends, single origins and estates are listed for fare.

The equipment not only produce cups of black coffee but they extract the bean in a way that makes it possible to taste every single flavour within your little glass cup. The lingering lemon myrtle from an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is powerful enough to make you re-think the bircher and go after some smoked salmon.

Sipping a fine coffee with a morning meal, is much like indulging with wine at dinner. The flavours compliment your dish and you get a background of where your hand picked cup came from.

Proud Mary, Brother Baba Budan, St Ali, Auction Rooms and Market Lane are a few establishments offering this very different approach to appreciate coffee. All of them have incorporated at least one new tool and are constantly changing their menu to offer a variety of different coffees throughout the week.

The most important thing about the quest to find that defining joe, is that all of these cafés offer a tasting guide and the patience to tell you anything you want to know about where your little brown bean came from.

Socializing with the café, sipping with a friend and giving your taste buds a work out is making that black stuff seem more our style. As the gradual shift from our European ways move towards a love for specialty coffee, the world of beans will open up.

Plus, I’d rather take a little bit more time out on a weekend morning drinking something that took many tastings to find.

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