Suburban Café Recipe

½ cup hoarded items (if you aren’t a hoarder befriend one)

1 cup espresso machine (Suggested: Synesso)

1 cup location

Pinch of cold beverages

2 tablespoons of sweets

1 bag of quality beans (Suggested: fair-trade or organic, otherwise strike a deal with a small roaster)

3 eggs

1 signature dish


Sift location into a small community, it should look dilapidated, peeling paint is a must, next to a well populated pizzeria would be prime.  Location will look small and crumbly, sprinkle hoarded items throughout to make nostalgic. It will add a flavour that will suit a variety of customer interests. Set aside.

In a small bowl add eggs, signature dish and sweets. Sweets should look homemade and have quirky names. Eggs must be at room temperature always poached. Signature dish should be some take on pesto or fish. Whisk ingredients together until light and fluffy. Then add a pinch of cold beverages, make sure they are Phoenix Organics. Set aside.

Melt music in a saucepan over medium heat. Music will begin to turn a light brown colour which should be quite temperate to taste, not overpowering. Take off stove before it turns Pink or else you will ruin the music. Set aside to cool.

Combine location, egg and music mixtures. Use a wooden spoon and fold all sides into each other until you see a courtyard with mix-matched chairs, old alcohol bottles filled with water, staff dressed from an op-shop and chalkboards. Music should be easily audible through mixture.

Bake for twenty minutes at 180 degrees.

Let cool. Then add espresso machine and beans on top, if you used Suggested people will come.


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