Ultimate Affogato

When the Ben & Jerry’s technicoloured Volkswagen bus pulled up to the steps of the Borchardt Library on the last day of semester, I couldn’t contain my excitement. A couple of regulars looked towards me to explain, seeing as I am familiar with the American ice cream brand and it was impossible to hide the drool streaming down my chin.

The ice cream company, originating from Vermont, is expanding to Australia. They will be selling their delicious ice cream in Deli’s starting in Sydney then moving down to Melbourne.

Once the coffee line disappeared, I rushed over hoping to be the first in line and see what they had to offer.

They gave away Chunky Monkey (banana ice cream with chocolate chunks and walnuts) and Cookie Dough (the obvious mixed with vanilla ice cream). I grabbed several, not to splurge but to make the most awesome espresso beverage known to summer, the affogato.

Traditionally vanilla ice cream and espresso are better companions, yet Cookie Dough sounded irresistible and a few customers were game enough to give it a go.

I felt like an ambassador to taste, pouring fresh espresso shots over the Cookie Dough ice cream (banana didn’t seem compatable) and watching the bitter crema mix naturally with the vanilla and doughy chunks. It was a success as I managed to get a few long black drinkers to indulge themselves.

Unfortunately we don’t have the tools to store ice cream in our little café, so if you weren’t there that day, from the bottom of my heart and my entire palate, I am truly sorry.

Nevertheless, it is an extremely easy beverage to make at home: Hot espresso (any black coffee really) over a scoop of your favourite ice cream, it’s the perfect remedy for a 40 degree day.

For more on the Vermont besties (Ben & Jerry) click on the links above and also this article in The Australian.

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