Another Semester Down

011The end of uni and the beginning of holidays turns my workplace into a ghost town, complete with tumbleweeds and silence. “Where is everyone” a curious customer asks as I clean every nook and cranny in the coffee shop, “not here” I say dreaming of my own holiday.

It’s incredibly boring and time moves like molasses when the students disappear and forget about the semester that has come to pass. The only leftovers are a few professors, full timers and a handful of incoming students having a sticky beak. I’d rather not work when we go from 1500 to 700 shots but then again centrelink is stingy.

I’ve finished my own semester and am always in a state of shock and disorientation when I return to the Agora, the Flinders St stairs of La Trobe University. It does however give me the time to have some deep and meaningfuls with our limited customers where I drool over the discussions of trips to Barcelona or Hawaii.

Yes, we are open even though most of our clientele are belligerently celebrating a completed semester. We tidy up during this period, re-paint, bleach tiles and bring in sniffer dogs to retrieve all the espresso we’ve missed. It makes the hours pass and the place sparkle. I think my first boss described it best: “if there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean.”

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