Hello and Thank You


I lay my hand out, palm up, waiting for you to figure out what combination of coins equal $2.70, waiting, waiting, success. You throw it on the counter, next to my outstretched appendage. Thanks.

It is absolutely mind boggling to me why customers are so rude, ungrateful and unaware of the chaos that surrounds them in our little establishment. Yes there is a line out the door behind you, yes they are waiting as you pull five cent by five cent out of your wallet and no my patience is not wearing thin.

We make your coffee, muffins, sushi, quesadillas and focaccias, is it really such a smart thing to ignore my ‘hello’ and treat me like dirt when I have full control over what you are about to consume? Probably not, if we served decaf, a lot more would be going out.

“Hi, how are you?” I admit my question is somewhat rehearsed, yet still constitutes an answer.

“Regular cap, extra froth.” The customer responds to my salutation.

“Uh-huh, no worries, that’ll be $2.70,” the pleasantries drop along with my smile, maybe you didn’t hear me, but I’m not a machine.

The money, once again,  gets thrown on the counter and I spend a few minutes trying to pry it off of the glass surface, eventually sliding it into my other hand, five minutes after ‘cap, extra froth’ left. At least this customer wasn’t on the phone.

What has happened to coffee culture? Coffee has been turned into a quick fix, where you no longer socialize; you squawk your order, pick it up and run out the door. Where is the indulgence part, the appreciation of creamy froth, earthy crema and the unrehearsed banter with your ambassador to caffeine?  Are we all so busy that we are spending our money through routine, downing a cuppa then moving on to the next part of the day? If so, what a bummer.

I know, lectures need to be attended and homework has to be finished, but take a break for once. Have a chat, escape from the complexities of university and say thank you, it goes a long way. Ignoring me, means I ignore the tiny details you have specified in your drink, if you are in that much of a rush, how could you possibly know I forgot the extra froth.

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